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Guten Foods

Fast Casual Shift Lead

Posted: 2018-02-09

Are you ready for the next step in your Hospitality or Culinary Career? The Shift Leaders (SL) are the next GM or Chefs in our organization. The SL is a transition role where you are given the skills and experience necessary to advance your career. SLs are given the opportunity to learn what it takes to manage a business as well as gain hands on experience of leading within the company.


The Guten Foods team is all based around the 4 Pillars of Restaurant Success: Sales, People, Controls, and Standards. As an employee of the company, you are expected to do your part in helping your team achieve and uphold these 4 pillars.


As a direct driver of sales, you’re responsible for building your own check averages all while ensuring that the guest is getting everything out of their dining experience. Just because you’re given a title as a Shift Lead doesn’t mean you can slack on your sales skills.

Part of sales will be product knowledge. You’re expected to eventually be a master in German Cuisine and Beverages. We’ll provide you with tools and training, of course.


Work well with others regardless of what your role is. We operate as a whole team and that includes both hospitality and culinary services. As a leader, you will have often be a champion of new initiatives and processes.

We will call on you to help train others. As a leader, you’re on top of the game, and we want you to teach others to be just as good as you.


We want you to take pride of where you work and the tools we use. Part of this means keeping and maintaining our restaurant. As the saying goes, leave it better than before you arrived is the goal.

As a leader, you will be holding you team accountable for ensuring that everything is in order.


Be a driver of our protocol and standards. We choose you to champion our organization and our culture. You’ll be our biggest fans as well as our biggest advertiser. Show others why you’re proud to work here!

You are just as much empowered as anyone else to uphold the quality standard of our products. If you feel something is not up to snuff, speak up! We protect the guest experience, first and foremost.


§No degree necessary. 1-2 Years experience within your respective field is a must.

§A positive attitude, passion for service, and desire for growth.

§Flexible schedule, the ability to work holidays, evenings, and weekends is a plus.

§Teamwork is huge and the ability to communicate well with both guests and co-workers is a must.

§Current food handler’s permit and OLCC/MAST or at least the ability to get one upon hire.